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Turkcell is the leading provider of mobile communications services in Turkey with approximately 27.9 million subscribers, as of December 31, 2005. Turkcell has developed a premier mobile brand in Turkey by providing high quality mobile voice and data services and differentiating itself from the competition based on the quality of service. As part of its focus on providing existing customers with superior quality service and attracting new customers to the network, Turkcell has introduced a wide range of mobile services tailored to the needs of various target groups.

Through a state-of-the-art GSM network, Turkcell provides comprehensive coverage of an area that, as of September 30, 2005, includes 96.30% of total Turkish population, 77.08% of the Turkish geography, 100% of the cities with a population of 5,000 or more people, and 99.95% of the population living in these cities. Turkcell provides roaming with 486 operators in 185 countries as of January 6, 2006. Turkcell is the only NYSE listed company in Turkey. Turkcell has interests in international GSM operations in Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Northern Cyprus, and Ukraine.





Alcatel’s vision is one of a user-centric broadband world – one where users can enjoy services and interact seamlessly over all networks and different terminals. Alcatel’s value proposition is about realizing this user-centric broadband world – one where ubiquitous broadband network provide access from any location. Alcatel provides communications solutions to telecommunication carriers, Internet service providers and enterprises for delivery of voice, data and video applications to their customers or employees. Alcatel brings its leading position in fixed and mobile broadband networks and in applications and services, to help its partners and customers build a user-centric broadband world. Alcatel delivers an end-to-end framework with an open network design to enable service providers to offer successful services to their customers. With sales of EURO 13.1 billion in 2005, Alcatel operates in more than 130 countries.



By combining the experience with private sector dynamics, Türk Telekom operates in accordance with quality of service, customer satisfaction, efficiency and profitability principles.

Türk Telekom, the biggest IT company of Türkiye, aims to be the preferred operator in both national and international markets by it’s performance and investments.

Türk Telekom’s services such as ADSL, Metro Ethernet, IDC, Winet etc. caused a significant acceleration for the Turkish IT industry.

With it’s technology, manpower and solutions for the communication needs of information age, Türk Telekom brings the future world to today.




Siemens Communications engages in a dialog with its customers to create trendsetting communications solutions that help network operators and enterprises achieve their business goals. Siemens Communications contributes its innovative strength, worldwide experience and unsurpassed implementation expertise in all areas of voice and data communications. As an innovation leader and one of the world’s leading providers of communications solutions for mobile, fixed and enterprise networks, Siemens Communications delivers customer value today and prepares customers for tomorrow with trendsetting solutions.

Siemens Communications operates in over 150 countries and generated sales of more than 13 billion euros in fiscal year 2005 with a workforce of 54,500.


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Founded in 1963, TUBITAK is the public agency put in charge of promoting, developing, organizing, conducting and coordinating research and development in line with the national targets of economical development and technical progress.

TUBITAK acts as an advisory agency to the Turkish Government on science and research issues, and is the secretariat of the Supreme Council of Science and Technology, the highest S&T policy making body in Turkey. Approximately 1000 researchers work in 15 different research institutes of TUBITAK where targeted, nation-wide important research is conducted. Furthermore, TUBITAK funds research projects carried out in universities and other public and private organizations, publishes scientific journals, popular science magazines and books, and supports undergraduate and graduate students through scholarships.

TUBITAK is the executing agency in deployment of international scientific and technological agreements. In this context, TUBITAK is the national coordinating body of EU's 6th Framework Program.





Nokia is a world leader in mobile communications, driving the growth and sustainability of the broader mobility industry. Nokia connects people to each other and the information that matters to them with easy-to-use and innovative products like mobile phones, devices and solutions for imaging, games, media and businesses. Nokia provides equipment, solutions and services for network operators and corporations.





EKOM was established in 2003 with the purpose of developing multimedia and telecommunication technologies for communication equipment manufacturers in SME (Small to medium size enterprise) markets. Currently, through USA based partner BICOM, Inc. EKOM licenses media processing technology to companies such as NEC, SAMSUNG and COMDIAL. Most of these media processing technologies are utilized in applications such as voice mail, ACD, and small call centers which are developed by our customers. This amounts to almost 20% of all the SME PBX market in the USA.

EKOM’s mission is to partner with its customers and collaborate closely with them to help them accelerate their delivery of new applications and services.

By working closely with our customers we develop better understanding of our customers needs. This allows us to expand into new markets and focus on technologies that will provide functionality to our customers helping them reaching these markets in the shortest time possible.




Telenity is a leading global provider of a complete portfolio of converged services solutions and applications for wireless, wireline and next generation networks. Telenity's products include Canvas(R) content and converged services platforms, messaging (MMSC, UMS, SMSC, F-SMSC) applications, location enabling server, and turnkey value added services such as ringback tones, resource tracking and management, and buddy finder.

With over 150 employees around the world, Telenity employs more than 100 engineers with core technical competencies in Wireless Data, Signaling (SS7), Intelligent Networks, Switching, Value Added Services and Internet Technology.

Through its customers' networks, Telenity's products serve over 75 million subscribers worldwide.




As an investment of Turkish Armed Forces Foundation, HAVELSAN is the “IT and Systems House of Turkey”. Parallel to its software nature, HAVELSAN is focused on analysis, design, development and integration of complex and large information systems. HAVELSAN developed its expertise, core capabilities in C4ISR (Command, Control, Communication, Computer, Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance - C4ISR), Simulation and Training Simulators, Interoperability, Information Security, Management Information Systems fields.

Based on these core capabilities, HAVELSAN is positioned in the market as the leading company in IT and defense sector in Turkey and leads the domestic IT market with its 36,6% market share. Creating the national standards in transformation period to e-Government and informatics society, HAVELSAN fulfills the demand of key e-Government projects and mission critical systems of Turkey.

Currently employing around 1000, HAVELSAN realized the ‘first simulator export of Turkey’ by developing Level D CN-235 Full Flight Simulator for South Korea Air Force.

On having a profound interest in the process improvement and quality, HAVELSAN is assessed and certified to CMM Level 3, ISO 9001:2000, AQAP-160 and AQAP-2110 Quality standards by international auditors.




Hewlett-Packard is a leading global provider of computing and imaging solutions and services focused on making technology and its benefits accessible to all. Providing vital technologies for every aspect of life, the firm serves everyone from consumers to small and mid-sized businesses to enterprises to public sector customers with an extensive portfolio of market-leading solutions specifically designed to meet the needs of each customer segment. R&D investment of HP is nearly $4 billion (USD) and HP Labs provide a central research function for the company, which is focused on inventing new technologies to improve our customers' lives.

HP Turkey was founded in 1989 in Istanbul with 100% American capital. HP is the number one IT company in Turkey, offering services mainly to finance, manufacturing, logistics, telecommunications and public sectors by its strong collaborations.

More information about HP Turkey can be found on the World Wide Web at




KAREL is a leading supplier of advanced telecommunica-tions solutions. KAREL designs, develops and manufactures wired and wireless telephone switching systems both for public and private sectors, introducing extensive range of applications and services for telecom operators and enterprises.

KAREL telephone systems are presently marketed in more than thirty countries in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Central and Southern Asia.

KAREL is the leading supplier of telephone switching systems in Turkish, Middle East and Africa Market.

Karel’s portfolio for telecom operators also includes transmission networks (fiber optics, microwave); access network solutions (xDSL, ISDN, payphones); CTI technologies (ACD, IVR) and Data Communication Networks (RAS) with worldwide partners as turn key projects as well as the after sales support.




Cisco Systems, Inc. is the worldwide leader in networking for the Internet. Today, networks are an essential part of business, education, government and home communications, and Cisco Internet Protocol-based (IP) networking solutions are the foundation of these networks. Cisco hardware, software, and service offerings are used to create Internet solutions that allow individuals, companies, and countries to increase productivity, improve customer satisfaction and strengthen competitive advantage. The Cisco name has become synonymous with the Internet, as well as with the productivity improvements that Internet business solutions provide. At Cisco, our vision is to change the way people work, live, play and learn.

Cisco was founded in 1984 by a small group of computer scientists from Stanford University. Since the company's inception, Cisco engineers have been leaders in the development of Internet Protocol (IP)-based networking technologies. This tradition of IP innovation continues with industry-leading products in the core areas of routing and switching, as well as advanced technologies in areas such as: Home Networking, Optical, Storage Networking, IP Telephony, Network Security, Wireless LAN.

To help foster access to education and professional opportunities around the world, the company has founded the Cisco Networking Academy Program, dedicated to providing students with the education and resources they need to design, build, and maintain computer networks. By combining education and the Internet, Cisco Networking Academies help students around the world acquire the necessary skills for IT-related jobs and for higher education in engineering, computer science, and related fields-and ultimately, aid in the development of their countries and their local economies. Now in its sixth year, the program has more than 10,000 academies in 152 countries.



Ericsson is shaping the future of mobile and broadband Internet communications through its continuous technology leadership. Providing innovative solutions in more than 140 countries, Ericsson is helping to create the most powerful communication companies in the world.

Ericsson holds the leading position in the key fixed and mobile systems markets. The world’s 10 largest mobile operators are among Ericsson’s customers and Ericsson systems connect approximately 40 percent of all mobile calls.

Ericsson is the only supplier of systems for all major 2G, 2.5G and 3G mobile standards and delivers complete systems, from base stations to the building, servicing and managing of the networks.

Ericsson history in Turkey goes back to 1890s. Since then, Ericsson has realized many projects in Turkey, by being one of the leading telecom companies. Ericsson made the first telephone exchange in Turkey to Dolmabahce Palace, as being one of the first foreign investor companies in Turkey.

Ericsson Turkey is the leader in the telecommunications sector in Turkey, with a reputation for advanced systems and products, both in fixed-line and mobile communications, in public and private sectors alike. The activity areas of Ericsson Turkey are; Mobile Network Solutions (Turkcell, Avea) Fixed Network Solutions (Türk Telekom), Mobile phones and Accessories (Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications)




Turkish Telecommunication Authority

Telecommunication Authority was founded by the Law No. 4502 of January 27, 2000 amending the Telegram and Telephone Law No. 406 and Radio Devices Law No. 2813. The Authority is a public organization with private budget and administrative and Financial autonomy, incorporated so as to implement the powers and responsibilities conferred by Laws and perform other tasks assigned. The Board is independent in performing its tasks. The Authority is related to the Ministry of Transportation.




One of the main characteristics of Istanbul University is its leadership in higher education for centuries. It has played a guiding and influential role in the social and cultural life of Turkey. Istanbul University, as one of the oldest educational institutions, not only of Turkey, but also of the world, was founded when Mehmet the Conqueror conquered Istanbul. Through the educational reforms, introduced by the founder of the Turkish Republic, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk , the institution was renamed “Istanbul University” in accordance with Ataturk's University Reform, and higher education was restructured in Turkey to meet the demands of contemporary society. It consists of 17 faculties, 13 colleges and training schools, 16 institutes, and more than 21 research centres.

Istanbul University has always been instrumental in the training and strengthening of Turkey's scientific cadres. In addition to its scientific impact, Istanbul University has also been a leader in the movement towards enlightenment and modernization that began with the Republic by acting as a bridge between science and life. Istanbul University functions as a reflection of Turkey's history of science and independence. As was the case in its history, Istanbul University is still in the vanguard of scientific success. Our alumni figure in all strata of society and serve their country through the important positions they hold.




Genetlab is a research and development company , founded in year 2005 , specialized in the field of “Military Defence Industry “ sector for end user products. The company mainly focuses on high technology concepts , like “Wireless Sensor and Actuator Networks”, “Cooperating Objects “ , with the main goal of placing itself amongst the leading firms , active in technology development of C4ISR (command, control, communication intelligence, surveillance and recoinnasaince) systems.







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