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Elegant dining at Feriye Karakolu.


Feriye Karakolu stands at the final extremity of a series of imperial palace complexes, which stretches along the Bosphorus shore from Dolmabahçe to Ortaköy in Istanbul. They all date from the mid-19th century when the Ottoman Sultans abandoned the traditional palace at Topkapı for this unique waterfront situation. Feriye Karakolu was a police station providing security for the Feriye Palaces which extend between Çırağan Palace and Ortaköy. These were palaces of secondary importance to Çırağan and Dolmabahçe Palaces and used as residences for married princesses and other members of the royal family.


This very special location of the Bosphorus which was enriched with new buildings after the 17th century, found a new identity with the construction of Çırağan Palace in 1868. Previously constructed as the residence of Fatma Sultan, the wife of Grand Vezir Damat Ibrahim Pasa in 1719, the palace was famous for its unique architecture and decoration. Çırağan Palace, stretching along the 1300 meter long coastline, included Feriye Palaces, the kitchens, various bridges, annex buildings and spacious gardens reflecting every aspect of the Bosphorus culture.

This was a period of strong western influence, and the architecture of all these palaces displays an eclectic variety of western styles. This is equally true for Feriye Karakolu, with its neo-classical colonnaded façade.

Feriye Police Station which was neglected for many a year was restored and converted into the Kabatas Cultural Centre in 1995, and lent a new colour to life in Istanbul with the Feriye Restaurant.

In Feriye, the menu is selected from the thousands of traditional Ottaman dishes inspired by the cuisines of the Middle East all the way through to the Adriatic. Feriye Restaurant , bringing you the most prestigiuos flavours from Turkish and Ottoman kitchen art.



Moonlight and good wine at Sunset Grill.

Serving very good quality international cuisine, as well as Sushi, in breathtaking view on the European Slopes of the Bosphorus, Sunset Grill is the rendez-vous highligh of the food and wine enthusiasts.



Young at heart at Vogue Restaurant.

Situated in Maçka, on the European side of İstanbul, on the top floor of a tall building on a slope overlooking the Bosphorus and Istanbul Harbour, the Vogue commands a unique view. The restaurant serves international food of good quality in stylish ambiance.


Tradition and Turkish cuisine at Beyti.


Internationally renowned for its Turkish cuisine and grilled meat specialties. Beyti holds he international " Chaine des Rotisseurs" award. Situated in a high class residential area near the airport, the restaurant is frequented by heads of state, royalty and guests of international fame. Beyti restaurant is composed of several sections, each section featuring different Turkish interior decoration designs.


The best of Black Sea fish!

The most succulent fish in the world breeds in the Black Sea and Marmara Sea. Many fish restaurants are lined along the European and Asiatic shores of the Bosphorus to serve you freshly caught fish and good wine.





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