11-15 June 2006, Istanbul, TURKEY






OT-13 Full day tour to silk and Green Bursa   ($150.- per person)




Departure in the morning by ferryboat to Yalova, enjoying en route the lovely scenery of the Princes Islands. Drive from Yalova to Bursa, the former capital of the Ottoman Empire.Tour includes climbing by cable car, to the first stage of Uludağ (the legendary Mt. Olympos), visits to Ulucami (The Grand Mosque), the Green Mosque and Green Mausoleum. Time will be allotted for silk shoping at the Silk Market and Covered Bazaar. Bursa silk is among the finest in the world. For lunch, you will enjoy the famous “Kebab of Alexander the Great”. Late evening return to Istanbul and transfer to hotels.



Tour departure dates : Saturday, 10 June and Friday, 16 June

Dept. 7:00    Arr. 19:30

OT–14 Full day tour to the ceramics and İznik   ($150.- per person)

Famed for its tiles and ceramics that have adorned many mosques (special emphasis is on Blue Mosque whose interior is completely decorated by Blue İznik tiles) and other public buildings, İznik is a small town on the Southern Shores of the Marmara Sea. İznik was also an important cultural and religious center during the Roman, Byzantine, Seldjuk and Ottoman periods. Two Ecumenical Councils convened in İznik during the 4th century.

Our full day tour will include a visit of the early ruins and an afternoon visit to the İznik Foundation tile and ceramic factory. Lunch will be served during the tour.


Tour departure dates : Saturday, 10 June and Saturday, 17 June.

Dept. 7:00    Arr. 19:30

OT-15 A two days tour to the Aegean Coast and History  ($424.- per person)

The historical Lycian Kingdom has left numerous heritages in the Aegean Region among which Pergamom, the center of medicine and Ephesus, the center of trade and culture are of international fame.

The tour will start by a flight to İzmir from Istanbul Airport and continue to Pergamom where the Altar of Zeus, Asklepion (center of medicine and Acropolis will be visited. Lunch will be served in Pergamom.


Accommodation will be in İzmir. The next morning, the tour will continue to Ephesus where the world famous Ephesus Antique City, the Archaeological Museum, the House of Virgin Mary and the chapel of St. John will be visited. Lunch will be served in Seldjuk. During the late afternoon, the sightseeing will end at İzmir Airport for a return flight to İstanbul.



(Domestic airfare is included in the tour price.)

Tour departure dates : Friday, 9 June and Thursday 15, June

Dept. 7:30    Arr. 19:00

OT-16 Three days to the fairy Chimneys of Cappadocia   ($528.- per person)

Violent eruptions of the Mount Erciyeş and Mount Hasan volcanoes in Cappadocia in Central Anatolia, 3 million years ago, have resulted in soft volcanic rock that created the fairy chimneys. They also served as refuge in underground cities to early Christians who were fleeing their persecutors.

The three days tour starts by a flight from İstanbul to Ankara where the Museum of Anatolian Civilizations and Mausoleum of Atatürk will be visited. The tour will continue to Cappadocia where the various regions will be visited. Worthy of mention are Uçhisar that will provide a panoramic view of the region, Göreme with is open air museum of Churches hewn out of rock and Avanos and Cavuşin Villages. One of the important features of the tour is a visit to the underground cities of Derinkuyu or Kaymaklı. In the afternoon of the third day, the tour will end by a flight from Kayseri to İstanbul.


(Domestic airfare is included in the tour price.)


Tour departure dates : Friday, 9 June and Thursday 15, June

Dept. 7:30    Arr. 21:45


A week of relaxation and archaeology on the Turquoise coast

   ($1.530.- per person)

The coastline of southern Turkey is called “The Turquoise Coast” for its crystal clear waters displaying the purest of turquoise colours. Hundreds of miles of sandy coasts and verdant mountains flanking the coastline offer numerous relaxation possibilities. The historical Pamphylian Kingdom who ruled the region for several centuries left behind well preserved antique cities with amphitheatres seating 15,000 spectators.


The tour offers accommodation in Kemer from where 2 sight seeing tours will be organized. The first tour is to Antalya where the Archaeological museum (one of the richest in the world) and the antique port city will be visited. The second tour will be to the famous Pamphylian cities of Perge and Aspendos.


Added attractions such as gulet sailing, trekking and golfing can be incorporated to the program.


The tour will start from İstanbul by a domestic flight to Antalya and end by a return flight to İstanbul.


(Domestic airfare is included in the tour price.)

Tour departure date : Friday, 16 June

Dept. 10:00    Arr. 18:00






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